Challenge 4. Amy and the 5k run.

“Now, did I just hear you say you were not a runner?? Ahaa! I therefore challenge you to run a 5km race with me… in your Bikram gear?
1 penny per meter… Right on!”

Flippin’ ‘eck love!!! Ha!!

Okay. This is a good thing. It’s got to be. It is a big challenge – for me – but that’s great. No I’m not a runner. I’ve (kinda) tried several times but the sciatica thing was a massive obstacle. So here I go. I know 5k is silly silly for most people but for me it ain’t. It’s going to require some training.

And who knows, maybe by the end of it I’ll love it so much I’ll go out one day for a run and just never stop…

I started yesterday. I went for a ‘run’ on the beach. I ran, walked, ran, walked to the end of the beach where I sat down for a meditation. My lower back was on fire (and my boobies were very unhappy being taken for a run in a bikini). On the plus side – I had plenty of sensation to work with in my meditation. I ran, walked, ran, walked back. It wasn’t the best run. I did a lot of stop-starting, and along with the back-boob situation, I got a nasty stitch on the way back. This is actually all AWESOME because it means I can only improve and I have lots to work with, and on.

So the following day, I did not run. But whilst Kev went for his, I did 150 sit ups.

That was four days ago. We’ve been on the move a fair bit since then so no runs or sit ups. We left the beach and spent two days/nights in Hampi seeing hundreds of temples and then crossed the river to another spot where we’ve been SO busy lying on our outdoor swing bed.

I have been quite uncomfortable with raging sciatica since my running attempt on the beach though so a) I won’t be running barefoot again; b) I will be introducing sit-ups and planks into my weekly thingamybob; and c) I will be giving thanks daily that you never specified a time in which you’d like me to complete the 5k (can I deduct the 1k I’ve already done on the beach?).



2 thoughts on “Challenge 4. Amy and the 5k run.

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