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For those of you who know me you’ll know how passionate I am about Bikram Yoga, and that it has transformed my life. I no longer need the medication that I was told I’d be on for the rest of my life. I am happier, stronger, and healthier. And in November 2011, within the first three months of starting Bikram Yoga, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.

I want to help people the way many teachers, and this yoga, has helped me. I want to bring healing to as many people as possible and by becoming a teacher I will be able to do this. This series has cured people of a number of ailments from physical injury to emotional and psychological trauma. There are so many incredible, heart-warming stories. For example; I’ve met two people whose injuries were such that they were told they may never walk unassisted again but are now rock-climbing and running marathons (Bikram developed this particular sequence of Hatha Yoga postures after smashing his knees so badly in a weight-lifting accident that he was faced with the same fate of never walking again). I also practise with people who no longer take pain or blood-pressure medication and recently I spoke with someone who’s ended her life-long dependance on anti-depressants. All these people attribute their recovery to the healing power of Bikram Yoga.

As part of my fundrasing efforts I have an Etsy shop selling art donated to me by my talented sister, South African artist, Beth McAlpine; tote bags, cushion covers and table runners made by my extraordinary 82 year-old mom, Lorna; and funky shweshwe pots made by my beautiful (bones to skin, head to toes) sister Dee.

You can view my Etsy shop here!

You can catch up with all my challenges on this blog and keep up to date with my progress on my GoFundMe page

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