Heilene’s Challenge: Hey, I did a double kickflip for you!!

“Hey – I can’t have my usual end of year/new year celebration surfing fix. I will be dancing with crutches instead. I know you’ve never surfed before but I will sponsor you if you catch a wave for me. I will need Yoga power for rehab. Can you do that? Can you do that for me? Hey?” Okay. So. Not quite. I know this is nothing like the kind of wave you’d be catching Madam Rademeyer. But, I thought long and hard about this and I figured that if I’d actually convinced someone to give me lessons and then worked hard to learn, and actually caught a wave, standing, on a surfboard, you’d be impressed. Sure. You’d be all like wow that’s cool. Well done and this and that. It would be awesome, sure sure. But. I also know how much you love to laugh at me. So I thought I’d boogie-board the waves – like all the 5 year-olds in the sea – and look a fool for you instead. In the process of completing this challenge I: – scratched my knees slightly raw on the sand and shells as I beached myself each time – got a cut under my toe – got stared at sympathetically by everyone under 9 – squealed, shrieked, choked, squawked, wheezed, gurgled, gargled, bashed and boonked – got bollocksed by several waves – had a lot of fun – nearly drowned (stop it. I can hear you laughing from here. a baby can drown in an inch of water don’t you know!!!) – pulled a tiny muscle in my arm – was pointed and laughed at by Kevin (and a few fisherman) Hope you enjoy the pics. See you soon xx










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