Challenge Three: I kissed a cow and liked it, the taste of her cabbage Chapstick…

“KB I see you’re posting lots of pretty pictures of cows on the beach. Cows pretty much everywhere. I know you have been kissed by Boxers before. Would you kindly kiss a cow or a bull and get dear Kevin to snap it? ;-)”

I took you to the beach with me yesterday morning voeltjie. I was awake so so SO early. I have a cold and I’d had enough of lying down schnuffling snd snorting so I crept out of the hut leaving Kevin to sleep and walked the 20 metres (such a hard life) to the beach. It was quiet, there were very few people out and the morning sun was glorious. There were about 12 cows chilling on the sand just to the right of me. Immediately grateful that I’d hesitated on my way out of the hut and turned back to sweep up my phone (camera).

I chatted to the cows a bit and then sat a few metres away and meditated a while. A few yoga postures and a harrowing swim in the strong current later, I moved into the middle of the cows. I stroked, cuddled and chatter-chattered to them. When eventually a man walked by with a baby in a sling, I asked him to take a photo of me kissing a cow. He gave me an Each-to-their-own look but shrugged in agreement. I explained why I needed to do it and he said “Well, I can certainly press the button on your phone but the rest is up to you. And the cow”.




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