A not-so-foolish fool

Last year at the staff Christmas party I won a prize. I never win prizes so my reaction was probably a little over the top.

I squawked, squealed, yelped, whooped, flapped, feathered, eeked, waved my arms and shimmied my hips as though I’d won a unicorn. Or a very significant amount of cash. Enough say, to pay for my Bikram yoga teacher training and facilitate several months’ learning and teaching, teaching and learning. But no, I hadn’t won either of those things. I won two nights in a hotel. Still. Awesome. But I decided that I would hold a raffle and use that as one of the prizes. So at least it could be used as a means to manifesting this dream.

Recently I started putting out feelers for raffle prizes and ferreted out my hotel voucher. It had expired. I lost count of the number of times I called myself an idiot. Foolishly, I hadn’t read the (very) small print. The hotel was kindly willing to honour the voucher if I booked within the next few weeks.

Friends and family had already suggested that I use the voucher for myself since I’ve never stayed in a ‘proper’ hotel for pleasure. And now, it seemed, I had to. As much as I feel an utter bing bong for not being less of a twit I am very glad indeed that I was one.

I have just had a really (really really) lovely weekend with my friend – a fellow Dream Manifester, AstroRocks Soul Sister – in Bournemouth. An indulgent lazy weekend of relaxing in the spa and catching up with fellow yogis Richie and Lisa, talking about yoga, creating connections (ie yoga), manifesting dreams (ie yoga), relationships, meditation (ie yoga), addictions, habit patterns, breath (ie yoga), life, love (err yoga), transformation (aherm), stars and planets. In amongst all the laughter and funny stories, some deep and meaningful insights. Lie back. Relax. And reflect.

Rarely in this busy life do we get the chance to have a friend all to ourselves for a whole weekend and for that I am ever grateful. Thanks friend, for a lovely weekend.


And for you Claire (yes I’m talking to myself), I am filled with even more Gratitude. For not-so-foolishly failing to read the small print.


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