Rob & Claire’s TT 6 Class Challenge and £5 Raffle

It all starts with a bottle of whisky…

Two years ago friends of mine gave me a bottle of limited edition Glenmorangie whisky and said “this would be a great prize for a raffle”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a slow burner. And here, two years later, I am finally doing the raffle. I still have the whisky.

After several emails, a few cheeky smiles and an ultimatum or two we have 24 incredible prizes to be won in our £5 Raffle. When we started out asking around for prizes we thought we might manage to pull together five or six decent prizes but here we are with 24 , most of which are really, flipping amazing. There really are not words for how awed and awed and humbled we are by people’s generosity and have been blown away by how quickly people have jumped to support us and donate prizes. It’s a little breathtaking.

I mean, just check out the list of prizes below…

If you’re keen on winning any of those (and who wouldn’t be?) then please let me know. Details below of how to buy tickets below the image. Also, we’ve set up a Facebook event page – ROB & CLAIRE TT – where we are posting all the prizes and taking orders for tickets. Keep an eye on there too for regular updates of individual prizes.


PM us on FB at Rob & Claire TT;
Call or text: 07950 251 498


One thought on “Rob & Claire’s TT 6 Class Challenge and £5 Raffle

  1. Reblogged this on Kirstie Sivapalan and commented:
    When I opened my shop, Claire was there. I am so happy to return the favour supporting her dream which is almost here! Please do join in and you will have the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.
    Love and light
    Kirstie 💫


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