Love, Sweat and Tears.Me at Etsy

In the middle of December I held my first Love, Sweat and Tears fundraising stall. I had been looking around at other pre-Christmas markets trying to decide where to book a stall when Kirstie, my friend who co-runs the RSL Collective told me they were having a Winter Fayre market day and offered me a stand.

“RSL Collective is a mixed-use social enterprise blending retail with personal and community development activities offering a range of complementary therapies, consultations, workshops and sharing circles. We also sell crystals, incense, oils and other meditation and personal reflection tools which is often chosen intuitively by our members or suggested by our customers.

RSL stands for Reason, Season, Lifetime which is our guiding principle. Members are involved in the Collective to explore doing what they love for as long as it brings them joy which could be as a hobby (reason), time out of their usual working activity (season) or as a career change (lifetime).”

So it seemed the perfect place for me to have my market stall where I sold art, bags, cushion covers, table runners, African curios, jewellery and more (all made and donated with love by my loved ones) for the sole purpose of raising money so I can go on hot yoga teacher training. Because it brings me joy and I love it, love it, love it. It has brought such tremendous healing to my body and mind. And over the past five or so years in that little steamy studio on Hildreth Mews I have sweated profusely, become stronger and more flexible, lost weight, gained weight, found sleep, came off medication, made friends, found love, lost love, laughed, cried, sobbed and snorted, but always felt at home. This is a thing I truly, deeply, madly love. And with all my heart I want to share it with others. Where better than RSL Collective to have my fundraising Fayre.

It was a strange and surprisingly fun day, and luckily for me it was a successful day. As such the amount I need to raise has been reduced on my GoFundMe page as I’ve put my earnings straight into my TT savings account.

I will do another market stall, perhaps in the summer, but until then I have set up an Etsy shop where all my sisters’ and mom’s amazing handmade arts and crafts can be bought. I hadn’t thought to promote it yet but yesterday I woke up to find that I’d made my first sale! One of my mom’s tote bags has sold to someone in Brooklyn New York – how exciting!

So here now, a little plug for my Etsy shop.
Visit my LoveSweatAndTearsMe Etsy Shop here.
Please share with anyone who you think might like the bits and pieces that are on there.

Thanks to my mom Lorna, my sisters Beth and Dee and my godmother Rosemary. Without you this little online shop wouldn’t exist. I love you all very much.


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