When will I stop internally shaking my head in disbelief each time someone casually saunters out, fixing their hair and wiggling their hips in the mirror, because ‘it’s a bit warm’ before the end of class?

When will I stop being utterly perplexed at the use of mobile phones whilst lying on yoga mats during first and final Savasana?

And when will it stop bugging me that people keep their phones next to their mats throughout class? (Like whatthe?)

When will the wanton chitter chatter seconds after the teacher has said “Namaste” stop annoying me?

When will the stomp-stomp-stomping out of the studio, past my head during final Savasana stop driving me nuts?

When will the huffing and puffing and flailing and fanning by people who’ve barely broken a sweat stop making me want to say “close your mouth, keep still, you’re making yourself hot”?

When I stop letting it.


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