Amy and the 5k Run!


I’m not a runner. I never got the running thing. I tried about three times ten years ago and hated it. In January I ran a little on the beach in India but again, that wasn’t wonderful. Running barefoot on sand aggravated my sciatica and running in a bikini top was equally unpleasant. I have since ‘been running’ four times, sometime around May/June, and the furthest I went was 3k.

I really am not a natural runner. I think one of the funniest stories I have ever heard was about a guy who started running because he was bored. He was on holiday with his girlfriend and while she lay on the beach reading would go running. To. Alleviate. The. Boredom. This I find hilarious on so many levels.

Bu last night, I completed your 5k challenge Amy! And if that’s how much fun a bit of a run can be, I might be tempted to give a few more a go (Colour Run next? I mean let’s not get too serious about it just yet). Look, I know that 5k is just a wee warm up for most people but for me, it’s huge. And I learned two very important lessons: 1. It might not be the best idea to have a beer as your numbers are being called to the start line, and 2. Good shoes are essential, even for a tiny little 5k run. I might as well have run in high heels for the agony my shins and feet were in (and still are).

And now I know why it took us so long to register for one. This was the one we were meant to do. I’m still blowing pink glow paint out of my nose! Well done for discovering and registering Heileney – I’m so glad I did this with you and that lovely Amy. I loved the festive atmosphere. The music, glow-in-the dark face paint, foam stations, tutus and colourful clothing made it feel like a clean, healthy (apart from the pre-run beer) Escape From Samsara. It was great stopping for a little dance or foamy playtime here and there. But most of all I loved running in the dark. There’s something a little magical about running at night with all the lights and lasers which looked so beautiful in the cold November rain.

Thanks Amy, for the challenge and for being such a constant support in so many ways. Daskool Daskool.

Down a beer just as your numbers are being called to the start line. Said no wise person ever.

Down a beer just as your numbers are being called to the start line. Said no wise person ever.

Beer burps....

Beer burps….

IMG_1741 FullSizeRender IMG_1770 IMG_1764




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