Spaceshop. Shopspace.

Last night we celebrated the opening of my lovely friend Kirstie’s shop. Space. Shopspace. Spaceshop. I say spaceshop shopspace coz it’s not just a shop. I mean, it IS a shop in that in it she sells crystals (and candles and incense). But it’s not JUST a shop, it’s a plethora of other things too.

1. It’s a manifested dream. Something she wanted many years ago and which – over the course of her life, through the bumps and turns, the travels and various iterations of her jobs – regularly slipped her mind. The universe was having none of that though, and has presented her with people who, whenever she was considering her options and was musing about what she really wanted to do, reminded her “but what about your crystal shop?”. Oh yes, of course. And then a year or two later “this doesn’t feel right, but I’m not sure what I really want to do” … “You wanted a crystal shop right?”. Oh yes. Of course, of course. And as I stand in her shop I am proud to have been one of those little voices. Here it is at last. I’m not suggesting for one second that any of the things she’s done along the way were wasted. No, on the contrary, everything that’s happened between HR (ha! an autocorrect that is so pertinent I’m leaving just where it is – s’posed to be ‘her’) first crystal shop dream until now has formed an important part of the journey. Each step is a clearly marked paving stone with arrows pointing directly into this space. A crystal shop-ish. And a comforting affirmation that whatever is meant to be, will be. One way or another.

2. A chilled out mini-library, a little sanctuary, where you can hang out as long as you wish whilst reading any of the wonderful books she has on display. They’re all her own collection of much-loved books that she wants to share and will happily while away the hours chatting with you about anything you find interesting in them.

3. A collective for like-minded people to come together to share stories, heal, join tarot circles, learn about astrology, have Reiki healing or massage or to conduct and/or take workshops on anything from personal development to drumming, etc etc. If you’d like to join the collective – or have any ideas – contact her through the RSL Collective Facebook page

4. A reminder. Another little nudge. In a world where other people’s dreams become my focus it’s all to easy for me to shelve my own. It’s easy to procrastinate when basking in the joy and wonder and excitement of other people’s manifested dreams. And bask I do. If I’ve had any part to play it’s like I’m watching my own children in the school play. Even if they’re only playing a clam. A non-speaking clam, dragged across the stage for twelve seconds in a trolley. There I’ll be, leaping up and down like its The Best Thing Ever, for my little clam. But I digress. See, someone else’s dream again? And I don’t want a clam child. No, I want a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training certificate. And Kirstie’s little healing emporium is another little reminder to sweat on….

Sweat on.

IMG_0621 IMG_0623 IMG_0624



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