My first £500!! Whoop whoop

I started this fundraising effort somewhat gingerly. “Uhhmmm, we’ll see” I thought shyly. “Even if I just make £200” I said to my yoga teacher.

And here I am, having just raised a little over £500. My heart is bursting and I’ve had more fun doing it than I could have imagined.

Thank you Kirstie for making the first donation to get things going. Thank you Heilene, Amy and Sophie for the next few very gratefully received gifts. Andy, you mad dog you, thank you, all the way from Aus and everything.

And ha ha thahahanks to the below for their contributions against completed challenges:
– Sarah for letting me write you a Christmas message in the sand (£20 kerchinnggg)
– Kevin Bignose Pond, £50 for a perfect sandy salty likeness
– Sané voeltjie Louw, £60 for kissing a beach cow
– Mart, for busting some LouwYoga with cows
– Heilene, £50 for fooling about in the foam
– Mr Anonymous, £67 for getting myself buried

And Amy Misson for just-a-kind-donation to take me over the £500 mark.

God bless you all. I’m all cock-a-hoop and this and that xxx




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