Challenge One : Done

“Good luck lovely, go make your dreams true. Don’t forget to write my name in the sand! (Or you owe me £20!) xx”

Thank you Sarah, for giving me such a fun task. You’ve been a wonderfully positive part of my FA experience and getting to know you has been one of this year’s big highlights so writing a message to you was joyful, sandy, salty pleasure.

I’d been here for almost a week but wanted to do it on Christmas Day to make it a little more special. Unfortunately the lack of reliable wifi has meant I’m only able to post it today.

I started doing it with the sunset behind me and only once I was done done did I realise I should have done it the other way around. So I started again.

Thanks Kev for taking the photos. I’ll show you the rest of them when I’m back.

As an extra little something, as I write this I’m having a Gin and Tonic in your honour.

Cheers Sarah *clink*, and thanks for being a part of my Bikram Teacher Training journey xx










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