You are what you love…

A while ago a friend sent me this:

what you love

I was on the bus and I decided to write down all the things I loved, unedited, in flow, until I got home. I only had six or seven stops. And here is my love-list.

Unicorns. Bubbles. Rainbows. Rain. Stars. The moon. The sun. The smell of freshly cut grass. Chocolate. Tom Yum. Steak. Cheese. Dear god, cheese. Chillies. Ginger. Lemongrass. Limes. Oh sensory delight. Salt. Anchovies. Good pizza. Food. Just food. I love food. Yoga. Cats. Owls. Pigs. Animals. Elephants. Animals. Animals. Laughing. Laughter. Making people laugh. Dimples. Water. Swimming. The ocean. The desert. Dessert. My mom. My dad. My family all. And all of my friends. Having hair. Having legs. A nose. Smells. All smells. The fact that I can. The scent of a loved one. Fresh linen. The scent a loved one on linen. Pillow talk. Tickles. Cuddle-scratch-loves. Love bubbles. Hugs. Bears. Bear hugs. Bugs. Not mozzies. The African sun. The African sky, day and night. The sound of night-time crickets. Purring. Wine. Sharing it with loved ones. Communion. Kindness. Surprises. Smiles. Seeing that someone is smiling from the heart in their eyes. Silence. Knowing that someone you love is happy. Sleep. Reading in the sun. Reading. The sizzle of sun on skin. Words. Writing. Baths. Candles. Dancing. Old-fashioned dancing. With someone. In hold. Kissing. I so love kissing. In the morning. In the evening, anytime. Under the moon. In bed. Under a tree. In the sea. On a busy road. In a world of our own. Holding hands. Being held. Wonderful breath. Listening to others breathe. Vulnerability. The bravery of vulnerability. Keeping people safe. Their dreams, their fears. Learning people. Their language. Their stuff. Stories. Flirting. Flirting with language. Playing with words. Being playful. Playtime. The other playtime. Cool breezes on hot nights. Fire. Hot baths; warmth on cold nights. Witnessing growth. Transformation. Bringing happiness, even if for just a brief (but perfect) second. Second-hand things. Books. Clothes. The stories they carry. Who’s loved them, where they’ve been. Fearlessness. Love. Lawrence Anthony. Travel. Trying new food. Sunsets. Sunrises. Annica. Tide in. Tide out. The sounds of the sea. Music. Music that moves. Cute bums. Trees. Mountains. Flowers. Both wild and precious. Facing the sun with closed eyes and watching the patterns on my eyelids. Birdsong. A good yawn. A good stretch. Songs that speak to my soul. Or from my soul. Connectedness. Shared experiences. Dreaming. Silver linings. People who work for a better world. Leaping Bunnies. Napping under trees. Dappled light through leaves. Choice. The strong, gentle, kind, passionate, generous hearts of my friends and family. My giant radiant aching overflowing blue blue heart. This. And that.



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